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Short Sales, Foreclosures, Bankruptcies & Asset Manager Assistance

Nick McNaboe & George De Salvo have helped 100’s of Marin and Sonoma County homeowners navigate the pre-foreclosure process. Our tried and true process starts with listening and understanding your goals. Asset Managers can rely on our team to assist in all aspects of their processes.

Short Sale, Foreclosures, and Bankruptcies

We are here to help.

Nick McNaboe & George De Salvo have helped 100’s of Marin and Sonoma County homeowners navigate the pre-foreclosure process. Our tried and true process starts with listening and understanding your goals. 

* Pre-foreclosure & Bank Owned Property Specialists
* 1 billion in sales volume (over 1,600 properties)
* 1,550+ homes Sold in Marin & Sonoma County
* 45 years of local knowledge

George De Salvo and Nick McNaboe are Marin and Sonoma County Realtors specializing in Bankruptcy, Short Sales and Foreclosure Real Estate.  Together with our partner, BK Global we provide professional support to Bankruptcy Attorneys, their clients, Trustees, and Asset Managers who elect to sell the property.

For more than 40 years, George De Salvo has sold an average of 50 properties per year, that's 1,550 homes in Marin!  His knowledge and experience positioned him as a resource for asset managers throughout Marin and Sonoma Counties.  During the Real Estate collapse of 2008 to 2011, George coordinated the successful sale of hundreds of REO foreclosures.

Nick McNaboe is an experienced agent and project manager.  He has systemized the real estate process to efficiently ?market and ?manage the complex nature of Short Sales and REO Foreclosures.

George and Nick's unique skill sets, partnerships and expertise help ensure smooth transactions that result in more money, less headaches and happy clients for us all.


  • Occupancy: GUARANTEED 24 hour occupancy checks and weekly reporting. 
  • BPO (for both REO and 3rd Party Providers): GUARANTEED 48 hour or less turn around for both drive by and full interior Broker Price Opinions. All BPOs are performed by our experienced pricing specialists to provide you with fast and accurate pricing of REO properties.
  • MMRs: Providing timely and accurate marketing and status reports including information on new comparable properties. 
  • CFK (Cash-for-keys): Aggressive, experienced negotiation with occupants to minimize client expense and eliminate need for eviction. 
  • Eviction: Coordination with Sheriffs office and personal oversight of evictions. 
  • Re-Key: Coordination with contractor to re-key all entryway locks using client-specific key codes & LB combinations. 
  • Secure: Ensuring that all properties are properly secured form unauthorized entry. 
  • Trash-Out: Management and Post Inspection 
  • Repairs and Rehabs: Extensive reliable contractor database with quick turnaround for Bids. Inspection of all work upon completion. 
  • Landscape Maintenance: Coordination and regular inspection of all lawn landscaping maintenance per client guidelines. 
  • Seasonal: Winterization, Debris Removal (as necessary) 
  • Expert Contract Negotiation: Efficient and professional negotiation of all purchase offers according to client-directed offer communication method 
  • Closing Coordination: Scheduling and scrutinized oversight of all “contract to close” details and processes for pending transactions to ensure timely closings. 
  • Auction Coordination: Oversight, coordination, and attendance (if necessary) 
  • Communication: State-of-the-art technology for best-in-class client service. 
  • Showing: Multiple buyer's agent licensed exclusively under our Brokerage and available to quickly show properties in all areas serviced.

Nick is so easy to work with. Every step of the way he exceeded our expectations, and was always a step ahead. Communication was a breeze, he is endlessly available,...
Laryn and Colin
We had a fantastic experience working with Nick! He was very knowledgeable about the market and quick to respond with our questions and concerns while listening to w...
Zachary & Sara Hom
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On a more personal level...

Waking up everyday and helping people is my essences and Real Estate allows me to do this on a grand scale. I love calling Marin and Sonoma my backyard and home. If I'm not creating Real Estate solutions for my clients, I'm fly fishing, playing golf, cooking/bartending with friends and family or camping. My next goal is a private pilots license.

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Nick is dedicated to listening intently and providing solutions that align with his clients goals. Market Data, Property Zoning, Contractors and neighborhoods knowledge all suited to individual client goals.
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